Audits & Financial Reviews

Overview of Audits Conducted
  • Internal Control Over Financial Reporting on Compliance
  • City-wide Financial Statement Audit
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Appropriation Limit Calculation Review
  • Housing Successor Compliance
  • Single Audit - Federal Grants
  • Trip Reduction (AB2766) Fund Audit

Additional Audits – Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Cash Receipts Procedures
  • Wire Transfer Procedures
  • Bank Reconciliation Procedures
  • Vendor Contracts and Payments
  • Inventory Procedures
  • Purchasing Procurement and Disbursement Procedures in DWP and Maintenance Services

Last year Finance, the Department of Water and Power (DWP), and Maintenance Services went through an Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) audit that was conducted by our external auditors with LSL. 
This year, Fire and Police have just completed a series of AUP audits. A presentation to Council will be conducted in the near future. 
Here are the videos and powerpoints of the past Audits & Financial Reviews: