Adoptable Animals

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Who We Are

The Corona Animal Shelter is dedicated to the care of animals and people in our community.

Adopting a friend

Pet adoption fees at the Corona Animal Shelter are: Dogs or Puppies and Cats or Kittens are $20.00. Dog and Cat adoption fees do not include the spaying and/or neutering cost, which are required at the time of adoption. (See below for fees) Initial vaccinations are given free of charge, a 7 day exchange and a free health examination at participating veterinary offices is included in the adoption fee. If you are a Corona resident, a dog license fee of $15.00 is also required at the time of adoption.

Spay and Neuter Fees

0 TO 25 LBS - $40.00 0 TO 25 LBS - $40.00
26 TO 49 LBS - $60.00 26 TO 49 LBS - $50.00
50 TO 100 LBS - $75.00 50 TO 100 LBS - $65.00
101 AND OVER - $90.00 101 AND OVER - $80.00
ANY SIZE - $45.00 ANY SIZE - $35.00

If the animal is altered prior to arriving to the Corona Animal Shelter, then the adoption fee is only $20.00 for a dog or cat.

Important: All animals adopted from the City of Corona Animal Shelter are spayed or neutered before they may go home with their new family. As we cannot spay or neuter all animals in advance of their adoption, anyone adopting a pet will need to pick up their new pet after the scheduled surgery has been completed. We will advise you of the date, time and veterinary hospital location for this pick up.

Other animal's adoption fees, including Birds, Livestock and Reptiles vary by the type of animal adopted. Please call the Animal Shelter for details.