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Corona Cruiser

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Rider Alert

Corona Cruiser Blue and Red Line, service returns to Library and Senior Center.

Where: Southwest Quadrant of Grand Blvd.

What: Service returns to Library and Senior Center along Belle Ave.

Why: Construction work along route is complete.

When: Service returns on November 1, 2016.

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Alerta al Pasajero

Blue y Red Line del Corona Cruiser, el servicio regresa a la Biblioteca y Senior Center.
Donde: Cuadrante suroeste de Grand Blvd

Que: Regresa el servicio a la Biblioteca y el Senior Center a lo largo de Belle Ave.
Porque: Trabajo de construccion a lo largo de la ruta se termino.

Cuando: 1 de noviembre del 2016.

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Fixed Route Service

Corona Cruiser, Corona's fixed-route bus system, travels along two routes in the City, Red Line and Blue Line. If you need a ride to Corona City Hall, Corona Public Library, Fender Museum, Senior Center, major shopping centers, hospitals, or medical offices the Cruiser can you get you there.

Corona Cruiser bus routes connect with Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) regional bus routes, North Main Metrolink Commuter Train Station and Park and Ride lots.

Fixed Route Service call (951) 734-9418

To obtain a brochure by mail, or to ask staff a question regarding service, please click Contact Us and complete and submit the online form.

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Brochures and Route Information

NOTE: Brochures, maps and schedules are in PDF format - Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Current Corona Cruiser Fares (Tarifas)

Effective July 5, 2010


Per Ride
Por Viaje

Day Pass
Pase Diario

15 Day Pass
Pase de 15 Dias

31 Day Pass
Pase de 31 Dias

General Public
Publico General





Students K-12
Estudiantes K-12





Seniors (60+)
Personas Mayores (60+)





Persons with Disabilities
Personas Inválidas





Medicare Card Holders
Tarjeta de Medicare





Child (46" tall or under)
Niños (46 pulgadas de altura o menos)





Half Fare Program Description:

Seniors, persons with disabilities and Medicare cardholders are eligible to ride Corona Cruiser fixed route service at half fare ($0.70 vs. full fare of $1.50) during all hours of operation.  Passengers must display their proof of eligibility each time they board a Corona Cruiser bus to receive the half fare.
Proof of eligibility is as specified below:
Passenger Type           Proof of Eligibility
Seniors (60+)              California Identification Card
                                    California Drivers License
                                    Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) Senior ID card

Persons with Disabilities     RTA Disabled ID card
Medicare Card Holder         Medicare Card

The City of Corona honors RTA photo ID cards for seniors and persons with disabilities. To receive an RTA Senior ID card, passengers must show proof of age 60 or above. To receive a Disabled ID card, individuals must present an application form completed by a doctor or licensed health care professional, or one of the following as proof of disability: Medicare Identification Card, Department of Motor Vehicles Disabled Person Placard Identification Card receipt, Braille Institute Identification Card, Disabled Veteran Service-Connected Identification Card, or a Social Security Income Award Letter along with proof of disability. Applications are available at the RTA business office, by requesting an application by telephone or by download and application from RTA’s website (application attached).

Click here to purchase the 15 and 31 Day Passes online, 15 and 31 Day Passes can also be purchased at:


Corona Public Library
Circulation Desk
650 South Main Street

City Hall Finance Department
Main Services Desk, First Floor
400 South Vicentia Avenue

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Hours of Operation(Horas de Operacion)

Effective July 5, 2010


Red Line (Linea Roja)


Blue Line (Linea Azul)

Monday - Friday (Lunes-Viernes):

6:30 a.m. - 7:05 p.m.


6:30 a.m. - 7:09 p.m.

Saturday (Sabado):

9:07 a.m. - 5:09 p.m.


8:52 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.

Frequency (Frecuencia):

Every 54 Minutes


Every hour


Corona Cruiser does not operate on Sundays, or on the following holidays:

Corona Cruiser no opera los Domingos y en los siguientes Dias Festivos:

  • New Year's Day - January 1

  • Memorial Day

  • Indepence Day - July 4

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

  • 1 de Enero

  • Memorial Day

  • 4 de Julio

  • Diá del Trabajo

  • Diá de Acción de Gracias

  • Navidad

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Tips for Using Corona Cruiser

  • No reservations are necessary
  • Select the bus route and pick up location
  • Read the schedule to select the time closest to your traveling needs
  • Be at the bus stop prior to the scheduled bus stop time
  • Have the exact fare ready

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Metrolink Riders

Metrolink passengers ride free on Corona Cruiser with proof of a valid Metrolink ticket or pass. For more information about the Metrolink service or a current schedule, please visit

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Corona Cruiser and RTA

Transfers between Corona Cruiser and RTA bus routes at several specified transfer points shown by T1 and T3 on the route map make commuting so much easier. RTA accepts Corona Cruiser Day Pass or 31 Day Pass for one way transfers to RTA Routes 1 and 3. Corona Cruiser accepts RTA Day Pass or 31 Day Pass for one way transfers to the Red and Blue Lines.

For more information about RTA, please visit

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Bicycles:  All Corona Cruiser buses have bike racks. The pull down bike racks are located at the front of the bus. Please notify the driver in order to utilize the bike racks.


Wheelchair Lifts: All Corona Cruiser buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts to provide access to the bus for people using wheelchairs or mobility devices or to anyone who needs assistance boarding the bus. For people not in wheelchairs or mobility devices who wish to use the wheelchair lift to board the bus, please ask for assistance from the driver.

For questions regarding the Corona Cruiser, Fixed Route Service, please call (951) 734-9418 to speak to a transportation dispatcher.

For comments regarding the Cruiser service, please call (951) 736-2266
or click here to submit a comment via e-mail. 

NOTE: Brochures, maps and schedules are in PDF format  - Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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E-mail the Public Works Department 

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No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of the City of Corona Transit Service (CCTS). The Public Works Director is the CCTS Title VI Compliance Officer. For more information, or to file a Title VI Civil Rights compliant contact the Corona Public Works Department by telephone at (951) 736-2266, by email at, or by visiting the Public Works Department at 400 S. Vicentia Avenue, Suite 210, Corona, CA 92882.


Ninguna persona, por motivos de raza, color u origen nacional, sera excluida(o) de participar en, ser negado(a) los beneficios de, o ser objeto de discriminación durante la utilización del Servicio de Transporte de la ciudad de Corona (CCTS). El Director de Obras Públicas es el oficial de cumplimiento de Title VI del CCTS. Para obtener más información, o para presentar una queja de Derechos Civiles de Title VI del Departamento de Obras Públicas Corona contactenos al (951) 736-2266, por correo electrónico a, o visitando el Departamento de Obras Públicas en 400 S. Vicentia Avenue, suite 210, Corona, CA 92882.





The City of Corona Transit Service will make every effort to transport people and their wheelchair/mobility device regardless of size or weight, as long as the wheelchair lift and bus can physically and safely accommodate them.


El Servicio de Transporte de la Ciudad de Corona hará todo lo posible para el transporte de personas y sus sillas de ruedas/aparato de mobilidad, independientemente de su tamaño o peso, siempre y cuando el ascensor para sillas de ruedas y autobuses pueda acomodarlos física y seguramente.


ADA Complaints

If you have a complaint about the accessibility of our transit system or believe you have been discriminated against because of your disability, we recommend that you contact the ADA Coordinator or file a written complaint.  Please provide all facts and circumstances so we can fully investigate, including:
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address
  • Accessibility Complaint:  Time, date, location and reason you believe we are not accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Discrimination Complaint:  Time and date of incident, description of incident and who was responsible.
  • If applicable, please provide vehicle number and/or route, employee name, number or description.
  • The form is available by clicking the link to the “Americans with Disabilities Act Statement” at the bottom of this page.
We record video at our facilities and in vehicles that we can use to investigate your complaint.  The retention period for video is 7-21 days.  The sooner we receive your complaint, the more likely it is that we can review video related to your incident.
Please submit complaints to:
Nelson D. Nelson
(951) 736-2266
400 South Vicentia Avenue
Corona CA 92882-2187
Or submit your written complaint to:

City of Corona Transportation Department, 400 S. Vicentia, Corona, Ca 92882

 E-mail the Public Works Department 

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